Located about 300 km north-east of the northern tip of the Scottish mainland, the Shetland Islands are the home of a breed of fine-wooled sheep that bear the name. The wool from Shetland Sheep are a favorite of knitters world wide and Shetland Wool is known for the wide range of colours popular with Fair Isle knitters for their intricate designs.

While members of the Shetland sheep breed can be found all over the world, many feel that Real Shetland Wool comes from Shetland Sheep that graze in the Islands!

Camilla Valley Farm is pleased to offer the finest Real Shetland Wool knitting yarn from the original provider of Shetland Wool - Jamiesons of Shetland!

As well as being the oldest supplier of Shetland Knitting Yarn (founded in the 1890's), Jamiesons of Shetland is also the only company left owned and operated by Shetland islanders. In addition, they are the only ones that actually spin their yarn in their mill in the islands. They are located in Sandness on the west side of the Shetland Islands "mainland" (or main island).

While all the other small producers have either closed or have been taken over by large corporations, we are pleased to support a small family run company that produces an exceptional product and carry their complete collection of knitting yarn.

Jamiesons of Shetland is best known for their incredible range of beautiful yarn colours. Their Spindrift Jumper Weight wool is available in 224 colours and is the favorite choice of Fair Isle knitters around the world. In the 1990s, Jamieson's of Shetland yarns was chosen by noted knitwear designer Alice Starmore for a series of classic knitting books she produced. Jamiesons Spindrift was sold as Scottish Campion and what is now called Heather Aran was sold as Scottish Heather.

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